Who I am ?


Since birth, my every day routine has been a journey between Asia, Africa and Europe.

My mother likes potatoes.

My father eats rice.

She’s from Champagne, with Belgian roots.

He is from Viêtnam, an immigrant to the Ivory Coast, Morocco and France.


At the age of one, I started eating baguettes as well as using a fork;

Sitting on a chair or a high-chair.

But what I like most is eating on the floor with my hands.


On my mother’s side, it is the earth.

We live in a countryside house.

Taking care of the garden is part of our routine.


There are baskets that travellers sell at the door each year.

My father, a doctor, goes to see them at their camp, where I like to go with him.

The discovery of these tiny and cosy little moving houses, the caravans.


To be close to nature, and free of my movement: two things which are essential to me.

Naturally, I found basketmaking.

A manual art and craft which respects my environment, and gives sense to what I need.


Once I learn the traditional techniques, I allow myself more freedom.

I am now able to be guided by the material to explore new forms;

And build things to make people happy wherever they are.


After ten years living on the road, following the seasons, and the landscapes I was dreaming of,

It is now the exploration of materials and various ways to weave them which guides me.


Like a walk through the mountains, the way will be rugged and uncertain.

But I will enjoy every moment;

Because the sharing of what we weave, the apprenticeship and the research of harmonious forms will every day feed the swirl of my emotions.